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Changing Planes – Award Winning New Age Fiction

Author’s Notes:

I didn’t “write” Changing Planes, it wrote me. Madison Reeves came into my life sometime in 2006-2007. She was a troubled young woman, a career executive with a bright future – and a lonely life.

Her mother was one of those “spiritual” types, bringing in stray humans, dogs, cats, and whatever other creature found its way to her doorstep. Her mother always told her, “you create your own reality,” but Madison would have nothing of that.

Yet, in some small strange way she did believe that, wasn’t she the youngest female VP of a high-end west coast department store? Wasn’t she top in her field?

All of that may be true, but Madison was deeply lonely inside, though she would never admit it to anyone, not even to herself. She carried a dark secret that she’d never shared with anyone. Ever.

That is until she grabbed Flight 41 and headed for a long needed Bahamas vacation. A vacation that never happened.

Madison slipped right out of this world into a place between worlds – a place between this world and the next.

Changing Planes2

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After crossing through a shimmering curtain of light in the southern hemisphere while traveling at 30,000 feet in a plane filled with people she’d rather NOT be traveling with, Madison soon finds that the plane she is on was not the one she boarded back at the terminal.

And when it lands in a place where you can see through the terminal’s walls as you walk towards the exit gate, you begin to wonder where you are.

When you long dead grandfather meets you at the gate you know you’re not in this world.

Find out what is in store for Madison and journey with your heart and find what’s waiting there…

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