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Laurie J. Brenner, former managing editor of a California historical weekly newspaper has recently authored two books, Changing Planes, a metaphysical fiction and The Little Book of Becoming-Understanding the Law of Attraction-The Primer to Living Inside Out. Both Books are now available on Amazon.com.

Brenner and her husband Gordon share their ten-acre piece of heaven on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, a red tail hawk’s flight southwest of Lake Tahoe with their two dogs, four cats, and a myriad of creatures from the seen and unseen realms of nature.

They live in Wildwind, the house built and designed using nothing more than the Law of Attraction, inspired action, and the sweat of their brows.

pictures-371Though neither one of them had any prior construction experience, using the principles outlined in the Little Book, she and her husband took on this monumental task of building this three-story dream home in 2000.

Here’s a recent picture taken Winter ‘09 during a snow storm.

Brenner’s favorite fiction authors include:

Richard Bach, Og Mandino, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, Anne McAffrey, Frank Herbert, Theodore Sturgeon, Marc Levy, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, Robert Heinlein, Patricia Cornwall, James Patterson, Sue Grafton and the list goes on and on.

Brenner cut her reading teeth on Edgar Allan Poe, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Earle Stanley Gardner and authors like them. She got into a reading circle with her grandparents and their friends, and like them, initialed the inside of the paperback after reading it. This was always done because one read so many books and oftentimes couldn’t remember the title, so if your initials were on the inside cover – you’d already read it.

You’ll find Laurie in her third story loft office with an incredible view of the western slope, where she dreams and writes. She’s currently working on a new novel – about a Native American shapeshifter (changeling) as well as several other projects.  Stay tuned…

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