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When someone says to you that you can live your dreams, what is your first response?


See that picture to your left.  That was one of my dreams for the longest time.  I designed that house (dream) and my husband and I built it.

When I said built it I don’t mean we hired contractors to build it.

WE BUILT IT.  Without having any construction experience or knowledge.

BUT we are both highly mechanical.  We work well with our hands.

Dream After Dream

Another of my dreams has been to be a published author.

Did that.  And still doing that.

In fact, in my life, I’ve been able to do a lot of things that others haven’t been able to do.  Why?

Because I know something they don’t.

That’s all — that’s it.

And I share with people the means to follow their own dreams.  I do this through my life, through my books and writings, through my websites, and through my attraction and affiliate marketing endeavors.

If you’ve got a local business going and want to get more traffic from the internet, I can do that for you as well.  I can help you to improve your local business website  or if you desire help in creating your novel or your non-fiction book, I provide editorial services and more and we can help you get your book published and online at Amazon, if you so desire!

Wildwind Enterprises, created in 2007, has its roots in dreaming.  It is the foundation upon which I build all my creative endeavors.

I am living proof you can do anything you decide to do whether you have the skill or not.

Learn to Want What Life Wants

When you learn to want what life wants, the suffering ceases.

Suffering and emotional pain are caused by wanting something other than what you have in the moment.

This does not mean that you do not dream, it  simply means embracing your life fully, in the now, while pursuing at the same time, that which you desire.

It’s about harmony, it’s about embracing the moments, it’s about taking time to get out in nature and walk with your bare feet in the sand or on the grass.

It goes beyond taking the time to “smell the roses.”  If you  can learn to appreciate what you do have, then the universe responds fully by giving you more.

If you’re clutching at what you have, afraid someone will take it from you, then it will be taken from you…

It’s all about learning to let go of the need to control every moment of your life.  You are the creator of your experience and your reality, but you’re not in charge.

Like a sailor at sea, you are at the helm, but you’re not in charge of the wind!

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